We do not stock "standard molds". All molds are made to order according to the clients needs.

The molds are usually developed from two-dimensional drawings supplied by the client - quite often sent to us by fax or e-mail. The drawing should by preference be scaled 1:1 and have all essential measurements displayed.

With 3D-forms made of any material - clay, plaster, wood, stone, glass etc - I am able to scan these with laser, thus achieving very precise reproduction. Detail is not a problem; the quality of definition is such that the laser scanner can even reproduce the venation of a leaf.

Using a 3D CAD/CAM system, we are also able to manipulate and change any image in a variety of ways - reduce, enlarge, make a positive or a negative image and so forth. This system can also generate asymmetrical shapes from two-dimensional designs.

If you create your designs on a computer, you can send us the digital drawing - preferably as a DXF-file.


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