Growing up "next door" to a glasswork, where my father was working, it was only natural that I started working summers in the glass workshop as a 13-year-old. Later, fresh out of school, I started working with the craftsmen that made molds and tools at the Orrefors Glasswork, learning the skill from them.

In my early twenties I started my own business as a specialist moldmaker for the glassindustry and since then I've gathered a very broad experience in this area. Over the years we've supplied many satisfied customers throughout the world - USA, France, Ireland, Egypt, Japan, Mexico and Sweden of course.

Now we´re offering our services to you.

Any size, any shape - all you have to do is to ask. The possibilities are endless...

Thomas Jacobsson, moldmaker


Järnvägsgatan 14 • 360 51 Hovmantorp • Sweden
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