The Swedish alder is traditionally used in glassmaking due to its durability. The tree itself grows on waterfronts, which may explain the woods good capacity to hold water. It is also lighter than many other kinds of wood, which makes it excellent for wooden blocks.

The most common block is delivered with a separate handle.

The handle is fitted with a stainless steel bracket that can be fastened on the block.

A little extra work for the end user but it offers a cheaper price.

The Deluxe block, where block and handle are one unit, requires some extra work and is therefore a little more expensive - but there are glassblowers around the world that prefer it this way and would not use anything else.

We have two standard shapes for molds, "JACOB" and the slightly more rounded "BOB", that come in different sizes.

As a customer, you can of course have your blocks any way you desire - you just have to draw them first.

It will however cost you slightly more than a standard block, as it takes a little longer to produce a new shape.

Design your own blocks for making paperweights, other solid sculptures or oddly shaped stems for candlesticks, wineglasses and so on.

If the shape is simple, wood is still a good choice. But for large production runs or designs with distinct shape or sharp angles, graphite might be a better choice.

Jacob blocks

See shapes & sizes (PDF)

Bob blocks

See shapes & sizes (PDF)


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